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Arts and Philosophy Studies Center


Schizoanalysis Forum 

MA Stella Maris Angel Villegas, born in Rosario, graduated in the National University of Rosario, has created and directed the Arts and Philosophy Studies Center “CLINICA de PENSAMIENTO” since 1989.

Institution that deals with the end-of-the-century problematic, crossing thinking* and transdisciplinary aesthetics.

She has had active participation in Art Galleries, Art-Object exhibits in Rosario and other Argentine cities. She has produced artist’s books. She has completed a master in photography and cinema in Buenos Aires. She has received special training from well-known philosophers from Argentina and other countries.
   She has published MAQUINA CIRCULATORIA, an Arts and Philosophy review.
At present, she coordinates the “Medicine and Art” Research Center.  New analysis branches in the field of the interspeech-act ** between Philosophy and Science in a national and international level.

*    The Crossing thinking (El Pensamiento de cruce) is conceived as an intensity thinking act, not extensive.

**  Speech-act (interdiscursividad)
Individual exhibits

- Black and white graphic exhibition
- Color exhibition
- Installation
- Performance
- Video-Poem
- Video-Exhibit
- Book-Object

Group Exhibit
Black and white graphics - dances
Sala Cortes Pla of the National University of Rosario Press

I-Schizoanalysis devices acceder
II-Ontology and the Work of Art acceder
III-Poetic fractals of the graphic exhibits acceder
IV-Territorio de Lobos acceder
V-Correspondence acceder
VI-Advertising acceder
VII-Guerra Cool 
VIII- The crossing acceder  

Virtual Library
The war acceder
Freezing acceder

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